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Integrity of my rescue

So I just received an email where someone has questioned my integrity with my fundraising and why I haven’t updated my gofundme. This is an ongoing thing, if you donate on gofundme it’s visible. With PayPal it isn’t. We rescue, transport , vet, board and feed these animals on pure donations. The last 4 dogs I had , were being boarded in Miami in a cageless facility. With your donations these dogs finally got homes and now we are continuing the rescue. I think people forget this isn’t a profit making business this is my charity and passion. I do this and do NOT make a dime. Every dollar goes towards the cause and I account for every dime. For me to update unfortunately is time consuming and I have mAny things on my plate right now. The last thing I have time to do is post on this site but i will try to update more often . Thank you for your continued support and please follow my social media outlets as they are updated more often.